APR 2015
Time stands still for no one...
It seems we all just got over the Christmas period and now Easter and come and gone to - this fast paced industry stands still for no one!  The JWG team has had a very busy start to 2015 by welcoming several new members to the team; adding multiple items to the fleet; and commencing work on a number of exciting new projects.  The next few months are shaping up to be even busier so maintaining our focus on safety and watching out for our mates has never been more important.  Please enjoy reading about a few of our activities below.

Nicholas Wagner
Managing Director

Millimetre GPS - Increasing Accuracy
Drop image hereMillimetre GPS transforms global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) into the perfect tool for fine tolerance work.  With Millimetre GPS, the days of lost productivity, using string lines or manually checking grades are over.   Millimetre GPS combines the advantage of laser (multi-user & high accuracy) with GNSS (multi-user & 3D) into one versatile and easy to use system. This technology improves grading accuracy up to 300% of existing GPS machine control systems.  JWG employs various machine control technologies across the fleet to deliver very safe, efficient and high quality projects.
Drop image hereMillimetre GPS in Action

Joe Wagner Group is using Millimetre GPS for grader machine control at Fisher Park on the Cunningham Highway.  JWG excavators on this site also used GPS to provide a site wide machine control solution.

Social Circles - Support for Allora Men's Shed
The JWG Social Club participated in a barefoot bowls and golf day at the Allora Sports Club to raise money in support of the Allora Men's Shed.  Attendees came form all around SE Qld for the day of fun and frivolities.  Th event was hosted by JWG and Komatsu and raised in excess of $2,000.  JWG donated family passes to Australia Zoo and Underwater World as raffle prizes.  With competitions such as "best blindfolded drive" for the golf and "best toucher" for the bowls there was plenty of laughter and spirit -  a great time was had by all.

Research and Development into Pavement Moisture Checking
Transport and Main Roads in conjunction with the University of Queensland and Joe Wagner Group are placing radar reflective metal sheets and rods in the pavement of the Fisher Park Heavy Vehicle Rest Area; currently under construction by JWG near Maryvale.  This will allow a test vehicle travelling at speed to check the rise and fall of moisture within the subgrade and pavements.  It has been noted during construction that there is a moisture problem in the existing pavement and subgrade.  The monitoring of the moisture and collection of data will assist to determine future design parameters.  
Did you Know?
Drop image hereThe world’s longest bridge is the Danyang - Kunshan Grand Bridge in China; part of the Shanghai - Beijing high speed rail network.  

The bridge, which opened in June 2011, is 165 kilometres long!  Employing 10,000 people during construction, it took 4 years to build at a cost of around $8.5 billion.

JWG Welcomes New Babies!
JWG is proud to announce the arrival of a new 5.5t excavator and skidster loader.  These new machines, combined with a new dog trailer to transport them efficiently, add diversification to our already extensive fleet and will enable JWG to even better service our customers on projects of all sizes.