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Safeguarding Your Act! Data - Don't Trust To Luck!
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Don’t trust to luck (whether you’re Irish or not) when it comes to the safeguarding your data. We recommend backing up your Act! database on a daily basis.

Rachel also recommends designating one person in your company to check the Act! backups on a weekly basis. The best way to make sure this happens is for the designated person to set a recurring activity in Act! to do the weekly backup check.

Do you have questions about your current backup situation, testing backups, or restoring backups? 

Experiencing Problems After Windows Update?
Are you no longer able to open Act!, history attachments or documents after recent Windows updates? A Windows .NET framework update can cause all of these issues.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please contact us for more information.
Users of Act! 2013 & Older Versions - Is Now the Time To Upgrade?
Your version of Act! is several years old and you may be wondering, should you upgrade?  We encourage you to consider an upgrade if either of the following situations applies:
  • One of or more of your business needs dovetails with features found only in a newer version of Act!.
  • You’re getting a new computer or office-wide computer system. Older versions of Act! may be incompatible with the newest version of Windows OS and Office
What does the latest version of Act! have to offer?
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Innovative Features
  • History List view provides an insightful look back
  • Contact Timeline
  • Automation and customization options
  • Integrations to Dropbox, SharePoint™, iCloud®  etc.
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Compatibility with Popular Business Applications
  • Windows® 10
  • Office 2016
  • Chrome™ and Internet Explorer® 11 browsers
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Flexible Subscription Plans
(Permanent licensing is also still an option.) Subscription plan benefits include: 
  • Easy access to the newest features and updates available for Act!
  • Basic technical support provided by Act!
  • Basic Act! emarketing accounts
  • Video tutorials 
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  • Team access
  • Lead Capture
  • Call List functionality
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If your company plans on purchasing a new server or new computers, please let us know prior to doing so. We will need to verify the system requirements to ensure Act! compatibility.
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