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Happy Valentine's Day - Is China the Problem?
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Happy Valentines Day! Whether you are on a date with your loved one, exchanging gifts or having a ladies night, Valentine's is a time filled with special meaning. Speaking of meaning... consider the following:

Wealth means much more than money. True Wealth consists of Core Assets (health, family, faith), Experience Assets (education, wisdom, knowledge), Contribution Assets (contributing to the well-being of others), and Financial Assets. I have the privilege of learning about my clients - what motivates them, their values, their goals and their passions. It is truly an honor to share such a meaningful part in the lives of such exceptional people.

You can always pick up a newspaper and let mass media do your worrying for you! A quick video from Steve. Keep your eyes focused on your most important wealth. We have your back with a Game Plan covering your financial wealth. In that light, I extend my happy V-day wish.

The newspapers and TV do not need us to have a peaceful weekend. They are here to startle us. It looks like we are having continued volatility in the market despite this weeks YTD low being slightly higher than our January 20th YTD low three weeks ago. In other words, the market is up a bit from three weeks ago. 

Our January newsletter (Market Volatility Can't Shake True Wealth) was about having a game plan. Several people replied asking about the current situation in China. That, along with the headlines this week, have us including this Thought for the Week, Is China A House Of Cards, to shed more insight. I realize this detail is not important to all of you, but wanted to make sure it was available to those who are interested.

As always, your feedback and questions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. 

With Gratitude,
Steve Goldbloom

Amy's Recipe Box
Guest recipe from Taylor Krusen. Simple and delicious - this has been my go to meal for Valentine's day for years.

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