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Lookups, Queries & Reports Seminar 
You've invested a lot of time putting information into Act! Now it’s time to use that information to better understand your business and to build a strategic plan for upcoming sales efforts.
Act! has a variety of powerful search features. During this seminar we will:

•Explore the search options provided by Act!
•Discuss when to use each type of search.
•Explore basic Act! reporting capabilities.

Wednesday, October 21st

9AM to Noon

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN

Thinking About Trade Show Season?
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We’re heading into the busiest time of year for industry trade shows, and you probably know how vital proper preparation is. Did you know that following up properly with trade show leads is just as important?

You’ll want to contact all leads as soon as possible after the show ends.
New contacts will need to be entered into your database, customers and prospects will need to be sent any information you’ve promised them and personalized email campaigns should be sent or phone calls made.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’ve got solutions
that can help you import lists of trade show contacts into Act! so that you don’t have to retype your entire list or risk duplicating contacts. And Act! Emarketing is a great tool for sending personalized email campaigns. 

Contact us to learn more.
Try Act! Premium Cloud Free For 14 Days!
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Great news - the all-new Act! Premium Cloud Trial is here! Try the #1 best-selling customer and contact manager for free, for 14 days. Easily upload and add your own data to your own, secure Act! Premium Cloud database, and enjoy instant online access to all the rich features available in Act! Premium v17 - including Act! emarketing!
Please contact us at your earliest convenience to get started - or click the button below!

Act! Is Now Supporting Office 2016
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Act! is now supporting Office 2016 on Act! v17, with the currently known issue linked in this article. Development is currently investigating any issues reported specific to Office 2016 and will provide updates when available.

Previous versions of Act! may work with Office 2016, but no testing was done. If issues are encountered, no updates will be offered for Act! v16 and earlier versions of Act!. Act! v18 will fully support Office 2016.

As with previous versions of Office, only 32-bit versions of Office which are installed locally are compatible with Act!.
Have questions about using Act! with Office 2016? Contact Us
Upcoming Events
Lookups, Queries & Reports 
Seminar Series
We will be also be holding our Lookups, Queries & Reports seminar in Chicago at a later date. Stay tuned for more details!
Act! v18 Release & Sneak Peek
Act! v18 is scheduled for upcoming release. Interested in learning about the new features? Keep your eyes open for information about our upcoming preview seminars to be held in November.