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Wow its volatile out there! What will the coming week bring? How is that market volatility (as featured in the news) affecting your day? Toss an upcoming presidential election on top. The comments from the various candidates’ camps highlight each others weaknesses by speaking of our countries potential demise, while proclaiming their individual strengths and ability to “save us”. This makes for a feeding frenzy for the mass media news reporters, who it seems only job now a days is to startle us…

On Sunday the Seahawks abruptly ended their anticipated 2016 travel to the Super Bowl by only playing one half of an excellent game. Oh well, this confirms what we know... both halves of a game are needed to win. I not only appreciated this season, but I am truly excited to watch the Hawks next year, as it seems clear Coach Carroll has the team that is learning from their experiences. Don’t forget, most of the world wrote off the Seahawks in the first part of the season only to find our team to be a real playoff contender. Until Sunday’s game started, we were picked by some of those same people (experts) to be potential Super Bowl winners again this year. A lot of up and down in the emotional roller coaster this world can deliver so well. So much for predictions!

That leads me to make the following comment, in hopes of improving your day if it needs improving. One of the most impactful books I have ever read is “Mans Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankel. The subjects, content, and the context of the book is written in is not directly related to our newsletter today. However, a concept Mr. Frankel speaks about throughout this book is related to so many aspects of our lives, and is especially helpful to keep in mind as the “NEWS” from the mass media, repeated as the focus by so many, travels into our lives each day.

Mr. Frankel talks about the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.

This same concept came to my mind today (MLK day as I write) as I glanced at the headline in today’s newspaper… "Wall Street’s dark days may not be over yet”. The sub headline read “Investors should brace themselves for more losses, many experts say.”

Is this 2016 YTD the “big correction”? Well, by some rules with the Nasdaq losing 10% from 12/29/15 to January YTD, some would say we have had an “official correction”. Other experts would say the markets are bigger than the Nasdaq, and until the S&P has the same decline exceeding 10% it is not an official correction. I say whichever it is, pay attention to your focus, and each day will be a winner if you pick out and vocalize to someone (even to yourself) something you are grateful for. Remember, you have a Game Plan if you are a client of ours.

There are market facts and details regarding the market portion of your Financial Assets, which Mike Sorrentino eloquently discusses in the Thought for the Week, Remaining At Rest In A Room. This article is also linked at the bottom of this newsletter. I recommend you take a look at this article if you wish for some added market insight into 2015, and the 2016 coming.

When the news from the mass media comes on, what I hope my clients are experiencing is your / our Game Plan – the reason why we use best-in-class money managers, insurance products, and alternatives (for qualified investors) to build your financial house. Our fiduciary approach allows us to remain independent and develop a Game Plan that most closely matches your needs.

We already all knew we could not predict the future, so with our Game Plan we are ready for whatever the future financial markets bring. That doesn't mean there won't be temporary declines. The financial portion of our Game Plans include reliable “income for life” programs, safe money as part of the foundation, and tax diversification to help our heirs inherit when we are no longer here (rather than the government and insurance companies). Our Game Plans are designed to see our clients Financial Assets through whatever “market correction” may or may not be here now or coming soon.

So our focus, because our Financial Assets are covered by our own individual Game plan, can continue to be on Gratitude for our other, more important areas of our lives… our “True Wealth”. Whether that is our Core Assets…. (family , friends, health, faith, etc.), our Experience Assets (experiences both big and small, good and bad, and the wisdom and personal satisfaction that comes with these experiences), or our Contribution Assets (the ways we give and contribute to others, small and big), a focus of Gratitude on these key areas of our lives can squash the “NOISE” pointed at us regarding our Financial Assets from the mass media and all of its doom and gloom .

We just experienced a great day celebrated here in America… Martin Luther King Day, which reminds us of the great concepts our country was founded and built on. In MLK’s “I have a dream” speech on 8/28/1963, there are many incredible quotes. On a different day not long before his famous speech, he said the following inspirational words:

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

I believe it matters to more people than any one of us can know, and mostly to yourself and the people you love, that each and every day we express gratitude for the blessings in our lives, gratitude for the simple as well as not so simple things, we make this world a better place. A side benefit of this will be takes some of the space away from the doom and gloom the mass media will present to us.

Your words of Gratitude to another will help those you touch and as a result this world becomes a better place. In other words, your expression of gratitude is a way to choose your own attitude, and not let the mass media steal a positive day from the precious life we have been awarded.

In my recognizing the strengths of Mr. Frankel’s concepts, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. I am grateful to live in a country where a man like Dr. King can be honored with by businesses closing, including post offices and other government agencies, banks, and credit unions. I am grateful that my clients, friends and family get to live in the only country in the world where financial markets are closed in recognition of the great concepts Dr. King spoke of.

Most of all, in the heat of all this volatile financial news, I am grateful to be a fiduciary. I am grateful to be working in my role as a Trusted Advisor as part of our great team - serving our clients best interest in a transparent manner; helping create and execute on each client’s individual Game Plan. Each Household’s Game Plan is based on what is important to each of our clients as individuals. So as long as we are actively expressing and recognizing what we are grateful for, the mass media does not have the power to shape what kind of a day my clients or I will have today, or in future days, as they (mass media) will inevitably try to startle us again tomorrow!

With Gratitude,
Steve Goldbloom

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