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You Have Clients Who Love You - Are You Reciprocating?
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February is often equated with its most romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day, and in particular, with showering your loved ones with tokens of your affection. Along these lines, we started wondering how often we, as businesses who work closely with our clients, make it a point to reciprocate the love we get from them. 

When clients come back to us time and time again, they are letting us know they appreciate what we do. This month, we want to talk about how to return that kindness.
The first question you should ask yourself is “how can I tell who really likes us?” Of course, off the top of your head you probably can name quite a few people with whom you do regular business. But if you can set up Act! to tell you who is interacting with you and when, then you can get a clearer picture of who your best clients are.

Of course, what you consider your “best client” may vary. Do you want to thank clients who buy a lot in net purchasing? Or is it the clients who are consistent return customers? Or do you have clients who always make contact with you around the holidays? All of these things can be tracked in Act!.

Attention Customers on Act! Premium Cloud
Migrations to Act! v18 will occur throughout the month of February. Customers will receive two notifications from Swiftpage the week of their scheduled migration providing notice of down times and information on what to expect. 

Click here for a FAQ on Act! Premium Cloud migrations.
Act! Feature of the Month: The Relationship Tab
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Valentine’s Day was first associated with romantic love by poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the late 1300’s, and since that time the February focus on relationships and love has continued to grow. So we figured this is the perfect time to highlight an Act! feature aptly named the Relationship tab. 

The Relationship tab allows you to create and document existing influential relationships between contacts in your database based on criteria such as family relationships, contacts belonging to the same professional association, etc. Instead of creating separate groups for small-member associations consider using the Relationship tool to link the members.

Quick Tip: Dolphin Web Browser
If you’re using Act! Premium Web or Act! Premium Cloud we recommend that you download and install the Dolphin web browser on your mobile devices for use with Act!. We’ve been pleased with how well it functions for us and several of our clients. 

As an added bonus you can select "Desktop Mode" at the bottom, and it will display the full Act! for Web site, instead of the mobile view. This can be particularly useful on iPads.
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For more information and to download visit http://dolphin.com/.
Windows 10 Upgrade Installing Automatically
In spite of user complaints, Microsoft has been automatically downloading parts of Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users' computers. Starting this month, Microsoft has shifted Windows 10 from an "optional" upgrade to a "recommended" upgrade. What this means is that people with automatic updates enabled might now see the Windows 10 upgrade kick in on its own, although they won't fully move to Windows 10 unless they specifically choose it.

Some important points to remember:
• Users who move to Windows 10 and are unhappy with it have 31 days to roll back to their previous Windows versions.
• Users who have disabled automatic upgrades using Group Policy settings or the registry edit will not have Windows 10 automatically pushed to them.
• We have no idea what effects this move to Windows 10 might have on installations of older versions of Act! v16 and earlier.

Learn more about the push to Windows 10:

Learn more about Windows 10 and Act!:
If your company plans on purchasing a new server or new computers, please let us know prior to doing so. We will need to verify the system requirements to ensure Act! compatibility.
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