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Contacting Quiet Clients

Last month we talked about one way to make good use of your summer down time. Are you also looking for ways to drum up some sales in these occasionally quiet summer months? You can always use Act! to figure out which of your clients have been particularly quiet in the last few months. Sometimes clients have work for you to do, but they just haven’t gotten around to calling you yet. Reminding them that you’re available and happy to help may result in the rewarding reply, “I’m so glad you’ve called, I could really use your help!”

The good news is, there is a very simple way to pull up a list of the people you haven’t spoken to in any given number of days. All you need to do is use the advanced query function. To get to the advanced query window, you select Lookup from the file menu, select the Advanced dropdown, and then select Advanced Query. Once that window is open, you can run a search like this:
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Attention ACT! 2013 Users
Your last day to upgrade to a newer version of Act! with preferred pricing is September 30, 2015.

What this means for you:
You can choose to do nothing, and keep your current version of Act!. If you decide at a later date to purchase a newer version, you will be paying full price, and will not be eligible for an upgrade discount.
You can choose to upgrade Act! at this time and receive preferred upgrade pricing (pricing varies, please contact us to discuss). 
Why upgrade now? READ MORE

Thinking About Upgrading to Windows 10?
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Good news for Act! users - Act! v17 was officially certified for Windows 10 compatibility at the end of July. However, we strongly recommend that before you make the upgrade leap you confirm that your drivers and other applications are also compatible with Windows 10. And most importantly, back up your data
Remember, if you have received and accepted the upgrade reservation through Windows Update, you have an entire year in which you can install Windows 10 for free. Take the time to prepare properly! 

*Please Note* Only Act! v17 has been officially certified for Windows 10 compatibility. Older versions of Act! have not been tested or certified for compatibility. We suspect that Act! v16 and ACT! 2013 may work while ACT! 2012 and older versions probably will not.

Want to upgrade to Windows 10 but need to update Act! firstContact us.
KSC Closed For Labor Day

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Here at Kristi Smith Consulting, we work hard and we know you do too. In honor of Labor Day we’ll be closed Monday, September 7th. 

We hope you enjoy a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!
Current Promotions
There are often advertised and un-advertised specials on Act! Software, Support and Maintenance. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing or upgrading. We’re always glad to give you the best price available.
Check your database backups! Don’t assume that “IT” is backing up your Act! along with your server. Test it!!