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Contractor Recommendation Delivers Precision
at 3rd Station Roof in the TTC Extension

Part 3: Final in Hat-Trick - Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station, Ontario, Canada
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Roofing contractor Bothwell-Accurate considered the challenges presented by the Vaughan Centre roof and requested that Radius Track Corporation design and fabricate the roof sub-system instead of wood blocking as originally specified. The Bothwell team looked to Radius Track to provide a fully engineered solution that accounted for:
  • Multiple skylight penetrations
  • A complex geometric shape
  • A segmented metal deck under a curved zinc surface requiring variable height connections
By developing a unitized solution, Radius Track helped Bothwell successfully deliver the project through predictability, performance and efficiency, including verification and coordination during site visits.

– the 3D framing model was developed from a 3D scan which precisely located each skylight, and height variation between deck and skin.

– the light-gauge framing is dimensionally stable and was CNC fabricated to an 1/8” tolerance using data extracted from the 3D model.

– Radius Track created a jig for Bothwell to use on site to pre-assemble components for rapid installation. Each light-gauge component was color-coded to match installation drawings and ensure correct placement.

“The Radius Track framing made it happen,” said Trevor McGrath, Bothwell-Accurate Estimating Manager, “They provided excellent service and product.”

Design Architect: Grimshaw
Architect of Record: Adamson Associates
Engineer of Record: ARUP
General Contractor: Carillion Canada 
Roofing Contractor: Bothwell-Accurate
Architectural Sales Rep: Exterior Technologies Group
Roof Sub-System Design, Engineering & Fabrication: Radius Track Corporation

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Bridge the Gap from Complexity to Constructability

Radius Track is the subject matter expert in designing, engineering and fabricating framing solutions for curved and complex surfaces. Our Design Assist + Precision Fabrication process ensures the accurate translation of your ideas – from design through material delivery.

We are passionate about serving our customers well. Our vast experience with curved and complex surfaces assures that we anticipate potential fabrication and construction issues before they place a project at risk. And we support the project to the finish by delivering concise installation instructions and, most importantly, staying with you until the job is done.
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