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                                My oh my what a difference a week makes Especially when it comes to this weather!! Well I guess it's time to face reality and accept that Fall is officially here.  Fall can be one of the most beautiful times of the year when the leaves start changing colors, but it also is the start of  Influenza (The nasty fluseason)! I have yet to meet a person that enjoys being sick or under the weather, am I right??  So let's try to prevent all the runny noses, sore throats, and chest congestions ok!  Besides all the basics, dressing warmer and wearing a jacket or coat, we have something EXTRA SPECIAL to help assist with keeping those ugly viruses away Our very own IMMUNE BOOSTER HYDRO-MAGNETIC THERAPY!!  For those of you who have yet to experience this AMAZING therapy and don't know, the Immune Booster is a must have session for anyone that is feeling that their body is calling out for Immune support.  This program speaks directly to the energetic Immune system assisting to calm, strengthen and boost a sometimes overworked system of the body.  This program also has specific phases dedicated to the revitalization of the entire body field to promote wellness and vibrant health.  

The Immune Booster Program:

PHASE 1:   Your Immune Booster Program begins with Energy Align Phase, which works to re-establish the correct energetic connections that are broken by toxins and pathogen presence in the body.  When working with the Immune system it is important that the energy pathways are open so that the energy can flow where it is needed.

PHASE 2:   Phase 2 introduces a wave Pulse that works to power up your depleted Energetic Immune systems.  This is an extremely deep and effective phase of this protocol.  Many clients are able to feel the effects of this phase right away.

PHASE 3:   Neural fatigue results not only in the perpetuation of a reduction in the effectiveness of your immune system, but also makes you feel tired and sluggish.  This phase works with neural fatigue that is caused due to chronic pain or inflammation in the body.

PHASE 4:   This phase of the Immune Booster Program speaks directly to the cell to stimulate healing activity.  Many times this cellular function becomes  very slow and results in very slow healing of illnesses and injuries.

PHASE 5:   Phase 5 relieves fatigue of the immune system associated with viral and bacterial influence and promotes the flushing of mucus and acid causing pathogens.

PHASE 6:   This phase is a cornerstone in Immune Booster Program as it supports the healing of Adrenal Fatigue, Cortisol production and helps the body reduce inflammation.  Supporting the Adernals is the name of the game in this phase!

PHASE 7:   In our society our bodies are at times exposed to an almost unmanageable level of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).  This phase works to reduce fatigue and inflammation that is aggravated by the EMF levels you are exposed to.

PHASE 8:   Phase 8 is a powerhouse pulse as it is given in times of severe depletion of the Energetic Immune System of the body.  This phase balances the whole body system and is designed to reset the body and mind as a whole back to  a natural harmonious state.

PHASE 9:   Your session concludes with a phase pulse callled Matrix Carrier that focuses on the restoration of integrated communication within the connective tissue matrix within the body.  This setting helps to ensure that your immune system is able to continue the work of restoration of itself and holding the healing that has taken place.

This AMAZING therapy is being offered at an incredible cost of $65 each session (Packages are availble)!  We are also offering a special Buy 2 sessions and get 1 free (Therapies interchangeable) for $130!!   Also, for everyone that comes in to bless themselves with this Life Changing Therapy we will be adding a FREE Ionic Footbath Detox to your experience.  You know how we Love to stack Modalities lol!!! 
Do not forget to also schedule up your Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and SUPERCHARGE your colonic with our Immune Support Infusion or one of our many other Awesome Bio-Energetic Water Infusions. 

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