How does the VORTRAN PercussiveNEB 2.0 compare to Acapella, Aerobika, and Flutter devices?
A bench top test was preformed to determine the oscillation charateristics of the VORTRAN PercussiveNEB 2.0 compared to three commercially available PEP devices to determine the effect on airway pressure at device settings of LOW and HIGH frequency.


The VORTRAN PercussiveNEB 2.0 provides a wider adjustment range that allows settings that can have a higher frequency, higher peak pressure, and/or higher pressure amplitude than other commercially available PEP devices.

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  • VORTRAN PercussiveNEB™ 2.0 Model 8030
  • Smiths Medical Acapella® Duet Model 27-9001
  • Trudell Medical International Aerobika™ Model 62510
  • Allergan FLUTTER®
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