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CHV Group LLC October 2018 Newsletter

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Often, we get that phone call from a Business Owner having one of those aha moments. One Monday morning they will decide that it is time to sell the Business. When sitting down with an Owner in that situation, it is mostly to motivate them to add some extra time and stay fully engaged until a Buyer can be found, and more importantly the business is ready to go to market and the Owner has no regrets once the process of selling is rolling. Those aha moments arising from a difficult spell with customers, personal issues or other temporary inconveniences may change during the process of selling, delayed or even completely withdrawn. 
Would an Exit strategist help in those situations, not really. What would help would be a checklist and valuation on an annual basis to conduct and align the Business to be ready for the day the aha moment comes up. To learn more about the checklist and an independent valuation, confirmed with comparable from the current market place, send us an email or download the checklist here. 
The Great Power of Connecting Passion with Purpose
In this day and age, engaged individuals are extremely valuable. There is great power in engaging and empowering your employees. We found this interesting article about connecting passion with purpose.
Every individual has gifts and talents that can make a lasting impact. However, only a minority of people utilize those gifts and talents to live up to their full potential. Tying your gifts and talents with your personal purpose not only leads to a more successful career, but a significant one. Many Boomers, as they begin to approach the end of their career, are looking for greater significance. Interestingly, many Millennial's, at the other end of their careers, are also looking for significance right out of the gate. As leaders, helping others find their passions and help them have significance at work are becoming bigger parts of our job.
Are Personality Tests an Effective Tool for Your Business or a Waste of Time?
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Are you still doing personality test for your internal employees? Do you think its an effective tool or just a waste of time? We found the below article to be a helpful tool:

Type A, Type B. Introvert, extrovert. Red, yellow, blue. INFJ, ENFP, ISTP ... and the list goes on. Sound familiar? Chances are you’ve likely been classified with at least one of those labels, or something similar, at some point as a representation of your personality type. In fact, the chances are pretty good considering a study from business advisory company CEB reported 62 percent of human resource professionals use personality tests to vet candidates in the hiring process. A deeper look shows that 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies, as well as the army and CIA, all use some form of personality testing
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