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The theme for this month’s blog is our Isokinetic User Day held in Manchester earlier this month, where it was great to meet so many of you. Those that were able to join us, we hope you enjoyed the presentations as much as I did. I thought the presenters did a great job of presenting very thought provoking ideas. I was especially interested in Dr Lee Herrington’s talk with regards utilising open kinetic chain exercises earlier in ACL rehabilitation.

Thank you to all of the delegates who contributed to my talk/discussion on the clinical blog. On the back of your suggestions, we have created a Mediquipe Facebook Group for all Biodex users click here to join!  This group has been created so that we can share our ideas, thoughts and experience.

Please see below to download and view the presentation articles from our User Day.
Feel free to share a copy of this blog with colleagues who may be interested... Also, they can sign up to be included in our next blog circulation by visiting our website and easily subscribing at the bottom of any page or via our enquiry form.

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