Outsourcing identified as best solution to achieve Loavies’ growth ambitions
In spring 2017, following rapid revenue growth, e-tailer Loavies faced an important decision: should it outsource the logistics operation, or would a DIY approach be the best option?

Groenewout helped the online fashion store to find the solution. Less than six weeks, the conclusion was clear: outsourcing still makes the most sense. Loavies' founder Jorn van Klooster: “A good fulfillment partner makes it easier for us to expand abroad.”

Food retail needs to speed up supply chain collaboration
Food retail needs to speed up supply chain collaboration
In food retail, collaboration between supply chain partners has been the topic of fervent discussion for many years. Although everyone is aware of the benefits, there are still very few examples of supply chain collaboration in practice. It’s now time to change all that, claims Joke Vink, senior consultant at Groenewout.

Supply chain collaboration is more important than ever before, not least due to e-commerce, and the necessary conditions are already in place to make it a success. “Data is the new gold in transport and logistics."