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CHV Group LLC February 2018 Newsletter

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How Long will it Take to Sell your Business
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If you have thought about selling your Company, one of the key concerns that will certainly cross your mind is, “how long will it take”. Selling a business can look daunting from the outside looking in, that is why we at CHV Group are dedicated to setting your expectations accurately and walking you through the entire process. Below we quickly detail out the typical timeline for a business sale, but make sure you continue to read on our website as we detail it out even more.

By working with a focused advisor will walk with you through the entire process of selling your business, you can expect the following timeline. The typical initial preparation will take about eight weeks, then 60 – 180 days will be dedicated towards marketing, one month for negotiations, and 30 – 90 days for due diligence and final closing, including financing and all legal documents.

As a seller, your focus should not be on selling, it should be on continuing to run your Business until the day of signing the sales agreement and receiving your check. That will be your best value option, as the time frame can always be drawn out, but no one can foresee all the details and interaction that come along. Hire an advisor who understands your Business, does his work diligent to find not only a suitable but value buyer, and commits to the entire process. Learn how CHV Group will walk through the entire selling 
Zen Monks, Navy SEALS, And You
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Leadership seems to be an invaluable trait to have in our day and age. While Leadership can be taught in classrooms and seminars, looking out at non business leaders can allow us to learn the most. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Zen Monks, Navy SEALS, and You by Steve Taubman. Below is an excerpt of the article. 

There exist remarkable leadership lessons drawn from areas other than business. Thankfully, in the last decade, many of the sources have come out of the shadows and been accepted by certain forward-thinking companies for their wisdom and applicability.
In mindset management, nothing rivals the lessons from Zen philosophy or from Navy SEAL training. And, the most important of those lessons differs very little regardless of which of those sources you explore.
What Is Strategy, Again?
Andrea Ovens

In the environment of continuous improvement, think of Strategy as a real measure to be a difference in the Market. 

If you read what Peter Drucker had to say about competition back in the late ’50s and early ‘60s, he only talked about one thing: competition on price. He was hardly alone — that was evidently how most economists thought about competition, too.
It was this received opinion Michael Porter was questioning when, in 1979, he mapped out four additional competitive forces in “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy.” “Price competition can’t be all there is to it,” he explained to me, when during the course of updating that seminal piece in 2008, I asked him about the origins of the five forces framework.
And so, he famously argued, in addition to the fierceness of price competition.

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