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October Newsletter
Sharing the experience. 

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Better meeting space leads to more productive meetings according to this article by Inc.  

Our seminar room has 7 of the 8 suggestions including:
  • Flexible Table/Chair Set Up
  • Natural Lighting
  • Plants
  • High Ceilings
  • Views  of  Nature
We have made recent upgrades to allow better temperature control and maybe we'll look into scents next!

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Development Opportunity
Open Enrollment Workshop

Our full day workshop integrates experiential & social emotional learning lessons for the classroom. Educators will leave with their own copy of the book and the know how to implement the 36 lessons.

Blog Spotlight
How is SELA different?

SELA, delivered through an experiential approach, only increases its potency. Experiential education has long been known to develop critical thinking, reflection, and lifelong learning skills. To read more visit our website.

Training Spotlight
Custom Teacher Training

We delivered phase 1 of SELA for Marshwood High School advisors in a prof. dev. session at their school in S. Berwick, ME. They have a scaffolded plan to ease in teachers. A real pleasure working & playing with these folks!

Leadership Development
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