July 2018
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From the Director's Desk
Here at Joe Wagner Group, we are proud of our Integrated Management System which drives our safety, service and quality outcomes. One of the results of this is the way our staff approach their work. They take the Joe Wagner culture with them onto every worksite—observing our high levels of quality and safety. Our work on the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is a good example of this where several of our workers have received safety awards from Nexus. Congratulations to Jack Campbell, James Becker, Ashely Quirk, Luke Wheatley, Liam O’Sullivan and Scott Talbot for their outstanding work.

Needless to say, we are proud of the calibre of our staff and the long-term relationships we build with them. We recently celebrated 5-year service milestones for five of our staff-members and Jake Dwyer has just ticked over his 10-year service milestone. We are grateful for their loyalty and hard work.

Nick Wagner
Project: SEQ Water, Kilcoy
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We were recently approached by SEQ Water to rehabilitate an access road to their water treatment plant in Kilcoy. Their existing road had deteriorated badly due to heavy traffic and thin pavement. The main entry into the plant was also badly damaged and needed a purpose-built solution.

This was a design and construct project with our engineers working closely with consulting engineers Kehoe Myers to come up with the right solution for the job. The project involved breaking up and recompacting the gravel of the existing road to form a new sub-base layer. We then laid a base-course of new gravel to provide a stronger pavement layer. We used a rock-pick and rock-breaker to build deeper table drains to provide sufficient drainage to the road formation; cleaned out gully traps and repaired isolated pavement failures; and sprayed a new bitumen surface. The failed asphalt main entry into the treatment plant was replaced with a reinforced industrial-strength concrete slab.

Over the course of the project, we oversaw several subcontractors making sure we used local suppliers and contractors where possible. The job was finished on time with no LTIs.
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Deteriorated pavement at entrance to treatment plant
Mist over the valley - the perks of an
early morning start
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Getting the formwork and reinforcement mesh in place ready for the concrete
The finished concreting at the entry into the
treatment plant
Staff Profile: Keegan Weatherall
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Meet Keegan, one of our Indigenous apprentices. Toowoomba born and bred, 24-year-old Keegan has been with us since November 2016 and is working towards his Cert III in Civil Construction: Plant Operations. Currently, Keegan is working on rollers and bobcats, but he is really looking forward to learning how to operate the big excavators.

Keegan says that what he appreciates most about his training is the fact that he is learning multiple skills across a broad range of machinery and operations. Recently, he attained his Licence to Perform Dogging.

Keegan's supervisors speak highly of him. They say he has an excellent work ethic and believe he has a good eye with great potential as an operator.

New Plant
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Three new pieces of machinery have been added to our plant. The Case CX210 C Crawler Excavator and CX235 C Excavator are two valuable additions to our fleet. We found that we were getting more and more work for our existing excavators of this size, and these new additions mean that we have increased our capacity to work concurrently on multiple sites.

The other piece of equipment is our new slide-in water tank. This enables us to turn many of our tip trucks into water trucks thereby utilising them for more than one purpose and cutting down the amount of plant we need at a site. It’s all about efficiency and productivity!
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Railway Shutdown
Our drainage crews have been very busy out West working on several Queensland Rail shutdowns to replace old and damaged culverts. Since May, we have replaced eight culverts in three shutdowns, with two more shutdowns to come.

One of our team, Mark Laurie, is a very clever amateur film-maker who has put together a time-lapse video of one of these jobs. Follow this link to watch 72 hours condensed to 2 minutes.
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Client Survey
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We are very keen to gain a better understanding of our clients so that we can serve them better. We would really appreciate it if you would take the time to complete a short online survey for us.

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