Plan Ahead for Windows 10!

The free Windows 10 update offer ends on July 29 this year!

The Windows 10 O/S has many advantages that Win 8 had (much faster & a huge battery saver for laptops) but Win 10 is a lot more efficient and easier to use. There is no “catch!" It is free and will run forever on the machine you upgrade.

Older versions of Act are not compatible with Windows 10 or the new Office 2016. The money you save by taking advantage of the free OS will help you pay for the Act upgrade.

Please Call us to get a quote for your Act upgrade!

Mapper for Act!

Use Mapper for vacation and business travel!
This Add on from our friends at DesignR1 is available from Kenbar and if you are a Kenbar Value Pack customer it is free!

 You can use
this Act Add-on to map the most efficient route for your trip to one or more locations based on selected Act contacts!

Call us to arrange an online demo about Geocoding, Geolocating, and Mapping features of Mapper!

Scope out Destinations with your Act Web Info tab

Besides the obvious links that come with Act, such as, the Weather, Local Info & Driving Directions at the Contact's location, you can build as many others as you want, like, "Wineries Nearby", "Museums in City" or "Tel# Location". 

Call us for other tips and where to learn how to customize the Web Info tab.