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Design Assist Saves Weight, Time & Money on Aperture Framing
Project: Karuna East & West Buildings at One North | Portland, OR 
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Project Team:
Structural Engineer: Froelich Engineers
General Contractor: R&H Construction Co.
Design Assist + Fabrication: Radius Track Corporation

Curves and apertures projecting more than seven feet beyond the steel knife plate connections on a commercial building in Portland, OR were designed to optimize sunlight and shade for lighting and temperature control. 

Engaging Radius Track Corporation’s Design Assist service made this accurate, cost-effective construction possible. The Radius Track Design Technologists worked directly with the project team to develop a fully engineered solution that reduced the weight of the apertures by nearly 60 percent. This reduction was accomplished by using cold-formed steel framing instead of red iron and combining the framing logic of vertical and horizontal elements. 

“Not only did the light gauge solution decrease the overall weight by nearly 60%, it cut weeks out of the project schedule, and provided precise construction of the structural elements to within an impressive 1/8” of the design,” said Andy Hernandez, Superintendent, R&H Construction.

Project Architect Cory Hawbecker of Holst Architecture said, “the Radius Track Design Assist solution freed Holst Architecture from dedicating resources to solving the nuances of the aperture constructability. That allowed us to focus on making progress on the rest of the building.”

Radius Track offers three Design Assist service levels to deliver the right framing direction at any phase of a project. Our design team’s deep experience with curved and complex surfaces creates framing designs which support the architect’s vision and deliver cost effective solutions. We anticipate issues before construction begins and deliver extremely complex geometry with standard commodity materials.
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Bridge the gap from complexity to constructability.
Radius Track is the subject matter expert in designing, engineering and fabricating framing solutions for curved and complex surfaces. Our Design Assist + Precision Fabrication process ensures the accurate translation of your ideas – from design through material delivery.
We are passionate about serving our customers well. Our vast experience with curved and complex surfaces assures that we anticipate potential fabrication and construction issues before they place a project at risk. And we support the project to the finish by delivering concise installation instructions and, most importantly, staying with you until the job is done.
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