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CHV Group LLC March 2018 Newsletter

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The Advantage while Selling with a Business Intermediary – Market Pulse Report
Business Intermediaries, associated with the IBBA and M&A Source have access to information and education that is highly beneficial in assisting a sale of a Business. 

One, the Market Pulse Report, offers quarterly updates on important issues as:

-Expectations in the Market
-Top Industries
-Active Buyers
-Exit Planning and Preparation
-Valuation Trends
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Perhaps to the outside reader, the info as a Summary may appear general, Members have access to information to specifically answer questions to your industry. All the information is highly valuable in the preparation for a sale, valuation as well as marketing your Business to the most prospective Buyer. See the full report here, to have questions answered about your Business, contact us.
Lean Corner – Manufacturing Metrics that Matter
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We recently came across an article by MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Enterprise) that looks at the most important metrics for the manufacturing marketplace and provide leaders with tools to understand metrics and improve their relationships with metrics software solutions. 

Based on the most recent metrics analysis, 28 manufacturing metrics were identified as being the most utilized by discrete, process, and hybrid/batch manufacturers. 

Here is an example of one of the 28 metrics:

Customer Experience & Responsiveness Manufacturing Metrics 
• On-Time Delivery to Commit – The percentage of time that manufacturing delivers a completed product on the schedule that was committed to customers. 
• Manufacturing Cycle Time – The speed or time it takes for manufacturing to produce a given product from the time the order is released to production, to finished goods. 
• Time to Make Changeovers – The speed or time it takes to switch a manufacturing line or plant from making one product over to making a different product. 

Be sure to review all 28 metrics and let us know what manufacturing metrics are important to track that are missing from this list?
The Power of Process Thinking: Seven Steps to Problem Solving Success

What’s the problem anyway? The pessimist thinks there are too many problems around here while the optimist sees that all as opportunities, sound familiar?

Problem solving is a daily opportunity to improve our processes, and at the same time can inspire individual leadership and team building. 

Don’t let an opportunity go to waste, and use a structured way and proven methods to a daily improvement routine. 
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