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September Newsletter
Sharing the experience. 
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Training Spotlight: Youth Update

Back to school is the busiest time of year for Youth Programs. A recent highlight was working with Phillips Exeter Academy in our largest challenge course program to date with over 220 participants. 

One thing that made it such a special program was the connection between our student directed approach and their use of the Harkness Method. Together we created a collaborative approach to community development & problem solving with the Class of 2021.

Womens Retreat
Development Opportunity
Open Enrollment Workshop

This full day workshop in early Oct. provides tools for educators & youth workers to build empathy to decrease bullying/ bystander behavior and increase “upstanding”/ advocacy behavior.
Click Here for workshop information.
Development Opportunity
Women's Leadership Retreat

A new two-day leadership retreat designed for women, by women, to capitalize on innate female leadership strengths ideally suited for complex 21st Century work environments. Designed by UNH Professional  Development. 
Blog Spotlight
Building Empathy Thru Play

By definition, empathy is both an emotional and physiological identification that happens automatically in humans when we see another person having an experience. Learn more about play and the brain science around empathy is this earlier blog.
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