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Prefabricated Structural Framing Helps Project Stay On Track Project: American Airlines Arena NRG Solar Canopy, Miami, FL 
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Project Team:
Architect: DLR Group, Seattle, WA 
General Contractor: Skanska 
Framing Contractor: Lotspeich Company Inc. (Miami, FL) 
Curved Framing: Radius Track Corporation

Finished image by Moris Moreno Photography.
Construction images courtesy of Lotspeich Company.
Lotspeich Company Inc. (Miami, FL) contacted Radius Track to supply Curved-Right® pre-curved framing to help deliver their scope of work at the new American Airlines Arena NRG Solar Canopy.

Radius Track precisely fabricated the framing sections around 16 photovoltaic skylight openings to meet specification and delivery requirements for the project. To be exact: 418 ten-foot lengths of G90 coated structural grade track and 246 ten-foot lengths of G90 coated structural grade angle. Each piece was pre-curved to one of 8 different radii ranging in size from 6 foot 5 inches to 10 foot 9 inches.

“Radius Track can bend the heavy gauges in a way that they retain structural integrity,” said Scott Masson, President of Lotspeich Company. “Additionally, they provided a quick turn around and high quality product to help us meet the project schedule at a time when our labor resources were stretched thin.”

Prefabrication offers precision, collaboration, and efficiency benefits from design through installation. Each contractor will employ prefabricated products and design services to best fit their needs. Radius Track can jump into action at the start with Design Assist, 3D modeling, and engineering. We are also nimble enough to enter later in the project cycle to be your custom fabricator of curved or complex framing. Either way, we will help your team deliver high quality framing efficiently.
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Bridge the gap from complexity to constructability.
Radius Track is the subject matter expert in designing, engineering and fabricating framing solutions for curved and complex surfaces. Our Design Assist + Precision Fabrication process ensures the accurate translation of your ideas – from design through material delivery.
We are passionate about serving our customers well. Our vast experience with curved and complex surfaces assures that we anticipate potential fabrication and construction issues before they place a project at risk. And we support the project to the finish by delivering concise installation instructions and, most importantly, staying with you until the job is done.
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