Inspiration Session Logistics E-commerce
Inspiration Session on 
'Logistics & E-commerce'

On Tuesday 13 March, Groenewout is organizing an Inspiration Session on ‘Logistics & E-commerce’. 

It is our pleasure to invite you to this afternoon filled with a wide variety of interesting logistics topics.  Will you join us?

The chair for this occasion will be Martijn Graat, blogger and founder of LogisticsMatter, who will be introducing the experts as they present their views on e-fulfillment and the latest developments:
  • Jeroen Dekker, Active Ants E-commerce - Logistiek
  • Roel Megens, Blokker en Retail Logistics
  • Jarno Devedeleer, Colruyt Group
  • Reinier Holthof, Loavies
  • Arthur Zondervan, Groenewout

Syngenta achieves 20 percent cost savings by outsourcing logistics

Until recently, the logistics operation at Syngenta’s production facility in the Belgian town of Seneffe was inefficient. 

The manufacturer of crop protection agents enlisted Groenewout’s help to turn things around. That ultimately led to the outsourcing of all the logistics activities, including the loading and unloading at Seneffe. 

The result: a 20 percent reduction in costs. Luis Omana, site engineering manager from Syngenta: “More importantly, in view of the strongly seasonal nature of our business, we’ve turned our fixed costs into variable ones.”