BioEssence Blends by Lori Goodwin 
Deep Sleep BioEssence Blend
Promotes deep restful and restorative sleep, calms body-field, quiets mental chatter, helps body/mind assimilate and process daily life during sleep.
21 Proprietary Imprinted frequencies in varying potencies including:  Polarity and Body Field Balance, Mental Chill Liberator, Peace, Night Circadian, EMF Healing, Love and Night Balance BioInformation, Hyacinth, Elm, Oak, Harmony Frequencies, Peace Cycle & Grief Processing BioEssence Blends.
Organ & Body System Mapping
*Broadly maps to the nervous, respiratory & skeletal systems.

Energetic Links:
*Works to heal the body field & smooth & calm the etheric layers.  Aids in helping the brain & body field to process as well as assimilate the experiences that were had during the day.

Application suggestions

*Take by mouth with water before bed.  Additional doses can be taken during the night if desired.  (Alternately taken 1 hour before bed, then right at bed.)  Doses can range from 6 drops to 4 Tbsp.  (Overtime, as the body field experiences permanent healing the dosage can be decreased & then stopped all together.)

*Will cause drowsiness.  Do not take while operating machinery or any activity that requires mental or physical awareness. 

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