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www.fudgeraiser.com                                                                                          August 2016
"Does anyone have any ideas for a fundraiser?"
Are you tired of the same old fundraisers that don’t give the results you’re looking for? Studies show that fundraisers are more successful when the members are excited about what they’re selling; and who isn’t interested in fudge?
Raising money has never been so sweet!
With 8 delicious fudge flavors to choose from and no money up front, Fudgeraiser has something for everyone with excellent profit margins to help you reach your goals.
How it Works
We provide groups, organizations, causes, teams, (anyone!) with an innovative, fun (and most importantly, EASY) way of fundraising – with fudge!

Fudgeraiser offers two ways for your group
to earn easy money:

Direct Sales (AKA Door-to-door): You present the catalog to friends and family and take orders.

Online Orders: You promote your Fudgeraiser and send donors to www.fudgeraiser.com/yourgroupnamehere/ where they can place their order. 

NOTE: We are happy to make either or both of the methods available to your group. 

The first step in setting up your Fudgeraiser is to connect with us, discuss any questions, and schedule your Fudgeraiser dates.
Thank you for considering Fudgeraiser for your fundraising needs!

1600 11th Street
Monroe, WI 53566
Donating has never been so delicious!