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The Perfect Planned summer vacation?

Planning is important – That’s one reason why we work together.
You know the saying; “Men make plans, God Smiles”. My 5-day planned summer vacation was in progress. My Alaska fishing buddies just arrived, ready to join my son and I. This trip was particularly exciting because it was followed by 2 days away with my wife Eden for our annual planning retreat, a meeting similar in scope to how many of our clients work with me.
Then "the call" came.
All seemed "ok",
except Dad (90 soon) had fallen.
After a 6-day unexpected roller coaster by phone, all seemed ok again.  We were now in Florida on the road to recovery, scheduling intense rehabilitation and physical therapy. However, two days later, this past Friday due to various complications, my Dad passed.
In light of this heavy event, I thought it an appropriate time to pass along the following article (added to our blog).   We talk about learning from experiences, and learning even more revisiting them. Both this past week's events and the of reading this article after provided a whole new level of insight.
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“When your doctor has bad news”

When Your Doctor Has Bad News
As I now get back into the swing of my day to day I am truly grateful for my family.  I am grateful my Dad, Sid Goldbloom, had a full life, just short of 90 years! Two weeks before he passed he was bowling 4 days a week, volunteering at a food bank with 2 days each week of work, and he had just flown out in July independently to see us. A great 90-year lifestyle to strive for. At my fathers funeral services it was an honor to hear so many speak of my Dad’s amazing qualities (yes I am a proud son) in their goodbyes.  
After the services, I was approached by an adult child family member of a close friend of my father’s. Though I am not involved with them on a professional level, I know them well enough to know two years ago that their Dad passing left each of them 4 + million in financial assets.  This friend’s adult child(my age) wanted to make it very clear to me that despite his significant financial inheritance, the “True Wealth” – (things more important than money) is the real meaning of a life well lived.  He then went on to say my fathers True Wealth  was evident in the post funeral reception words that many family and friends were sharing.

That in fact Sid Goldbloom’s True Wealth far exceeded the volume of financial assets of his inheritance. I have to say I agree, probably no surprise to anyone reading. Thanks Again Dad and Mom! Would not have it any other way.
To our clients, thank you again for the opportunity to serve you/your family’s needs with the meaningful work we do together. Enjoy these last weeks of our recently very sunny Northwest summer!

Best Always,
with Gratitude,
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