Act! and Quickbooks make a great team

There's several ways to connect Act! and Quickbooks to create a powerful suite. Among our favorites are XAct Link, Hogan Data Plus, QuoteWerks, and QSalesData.

There are dramatic differences in the capabilities these different solutions provide. We can help you decide which is best for you. Please call us at (203) 605-8934.

In addition to the above add-ons which connect Act to Quickbooks on your system, Act version 18.1 has a new feature called "Act Connect" which uses the new API to connect to Quickbooks on the web as well as 100s of other web applications!

Act!fy your Phones

We had quite a bit of interest in phone integration last month so we're calling attention to this ability again this month.

Act has been integrating with phone systems for nearly 30 years!

The DesignR1 Call Monitor is one of the newest and best packages available for integrating your phone with Act.

Click here for screen shots of Call Monitor.  At the bottom of the page there is a video.

Call us for details at (203) 605-8934.  

Featured Customer

OnSpot provides a huge benefit for trucks and buses driving on snow or ice. They offer the traction of conventional snow chains at the flip of a switch, without having to stop the vehicle.

Click here to see why OnSpot is happy they switched to renewing their Act licenses with Kenbar instead of directly through Act.