Visit with Alturas Analytics at SOT.
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We look forward to seeing you at SOT in Baltimore for a week of scientific discussion. Representing Alturas Analytics are Robin Woods, President and Ann Hoffman, Director of Business Development. Contact Ann Hoffman to arrange a time and place to discuss advancements in bioanalysis that help bring drugs to market faster and safer. The MS/MS Experts.
Strong Science, Intelligent Decisions, Faster Results: Delivery of SEND-compliant datasets on time with the highest level of integrity is our greatest priority. Alturas Analytics scientists are known as leaders for developing and validating robust MS/MS methods rapidly, across a broad range of compounds in many biological matrices. We support drug candidates from discovery through phase IV clinical trials. 
Microsampling: In recent months the industry has experienced a resurgence of innovative developments in microsampling as a viable alternative to standard blood draws. Together with the enhanced performance of analytical instruments, a single drop of blood can produce the precision and accuracy to meet regulatory standards. Alturas Analytics is a known pioneer of dried matrix spot bioanalytical methods and an active contributor in applying new microsampling techniques such as plasma extraction cards and calibrated capillary sampling to routine sample analysis. 
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Personalized Service: We measure the success of the company by the loyalty of our clients. Fostering strong and lasting relationships with our sponsors, while retaining the flexibility needed to accommodate the unique needs of every project is a core value at Alturas Analytics. From our scientific operations to our quality assurance unit (QAU), the Alturas staff has the skills and experience to adapt to changing timelines and rapid turnarounds.      Go to website.