Powerful Ways to View your Act Data

There are many ways to get data out of Act!, including Act! Dashboards and Excel Analytics, and the more recently available Microsoft Power BI.

These tools offer customizable visual representations of key performance indicators through charts and graphs that give you the information you need to make strategic decisions based on individual, team, and company performance.

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Featured Partner/Product

Patricia Egen Consulting is one of our primary partners and they recently acquired some impressive automation software designed to complement Act!

This valuable Act! add-on is Sales Automation Manager (SAM)

Although Act! has many great features, it requires that you manually create follow-up activities after a customer interaction. As you probably know, it’s nearly impossible for a busy salesperson to do follow-up consistently and well. Because SAM lets you pre-define the follow-up steps for any situation, you finally have automated follow-up you can count on!

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Act!fy your Phones

Call us at (203) 605-8934 if you want to connect Act to all your phones. 

There have been many changes in the phone service industry in the past few years. Be sure to call us to find out if your phone service works with Act!.