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Light-Gauge Trusses Frame 70-Foot Dome at Faena Forum
Project: Faena Forum | Miami, FL
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Architect: OMA
General Contractor: Layton Construction Co.
Framing Contractor: Titus Construction Group
Distributor: L&W Supply
Curved Framing: Radius Track Corporation

Finished image: Iwan Baan
Titus Construction Group selected Radius Track Corporation to deliver a fully engineered framing solution for a 70-foot diameter spiral coffered dome project with a 9-week schedule.

The dome required finishing on both sides, 2-hour fire rating and had to fit into space initially designed for a concrete formed coffered dome. That meant all the light-gauge structural framing elements had to be streamlined and wrapped in 3-layers of gypsum wall board.

Radius Track developed the light-gauge box beam truss design and provided a fully engineered, single source solution for Titus Construction. After the design was approved, Radius Track manufactured the pre-fabricated trusses. Titus installed them using chain hoists, scaffolds and cranes. Next, Titus used scissor lifts to install the Radius Track pre-curved purlins and hat-channel, followed by the compound curved spiral framing. Finally, Titus continued their installation of drywall, sheathing and acoustic finish.

Bill Hassel, Titus President & Owner, said “Radius Track added value and solved technical challenges for the project at every step, from engineering, consulting, and fabrication through installation assistance. It seemed as if their Senior Design Technologist was available to us 24/7.”

We’re thrilled that we helped our customer deliver extremely complex geometry that met the original design intent with support they could count on. Radius Track delivers cost-effective, constructable solutions for curved and complex surfaces.
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Bridge the gap from complexity to constructability.
Radius Track is the subject matter expert in designing, engineering and fabricating framing solutions for curved and complex surfaces. Our Design Assist + Precision Fabrication process ensures the accurate translation of your ideas – from design through material delivery.
We are passionate about serving our customers well. Our vast experience with curved and complex surfaces assures that we anticipate potential fabrication and construction issues before they place a project at risk. And we support the project to the finish by delivering concise installation instructions and, most importantly, staying with you until the job is done.
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