BioEssence Blends by Lori Goodwin 
Quantum Manifesting BioEssence Blend
Forms Clear Vision and Promotes intuitive aligned action towards reaching goals and dreams, goal oriented enthusiasm, problem sorting and personal will.
12 Custom Imprinted Frequencies in Varying Potencies including: Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Sugilite and Amazonite Gem Essence, Clematis, Vervain, Larch & Impatiens Flower Essence, Longevity Field Frequency, Spiritual Bliss, Personal Transformation & Unity BioInformation,
Organ & Body System Mapping
*Broadly maps to the Nervous and Respiratory system.  This blend also maps out as support to Pharynx, Ileum, Larynx, Nasal Cavity, Diaphragm Relaxation, Cerebrum, Midbrain, Cerebellum, Spinal Nerves, Ganglia & Cerebral Hemispheres.

Energetic Links:
*Blend ministers to and opens balanced flow around all energy centers.  For most people blend will focus on supporting body field movement around head and heart, which is fabulous for collapsed fields or stagnant energy patterns in these areas.

Application suggestions

*Take by mouth mixed in water, spray through body field, apply to feet, forehead and heart center, add to humidifier, Ionizer or diffuser.  Can also yield powerful results when taken as an intensive protocol.

Groups well with:
Supercharged Day, Expansion Pulse, Dragon Stone Gem Essence, Aragonite Star Gem Essence, Dioptase Mineral Essence

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