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Find & Clean Up Your Unattached Email Messages
The snow is melted, days feel longer and the air is slowly starting to warm up. Spring is finally here, and with it come thoughts of cleaning up, getting organized and making a fresh start. This month we’re talking about how to find and clean up your unattached email messages.

If you use Outlook as your email client, you may have noticed this icon in your Windows System Tray:

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Or maybe you know you sent a client an email, but it isn’t showing up in the client’s history record in Act! and you don’t know why.

The envelope with the red X icon is an alert informing you that the Act! Quick Attach process has failed for one or more emails, meaning that those emails have failed to attach to a contact record in

Messages can fail to attach to an Act! contact record for a number of reasons. Perhaps your network connection was lost, the contact has not been created in your Act! database, or one of your current contacts sent an email from a new address. Unsure of what action to take next, Act! will hold the e-mails for a period of time to allow you to decide how to best handle them.

New Technical Support Request System
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We are now using a ticket system for technical support requests. For the most efficient response, please fill out the technical support request form on our website: http://www.kristismith.com/act-technical-support.html

Haven’t used our support services yet and wonder what we have to offer? If you’re looking for advanced personalized support for Act!, support for older versions of Act! or support for Act! add-on programs, we urge you to take advantage of our support services! 

Here at Kristi Smith Consulting, we’re familiar with our clients and their unique needs. We can not only tell you HOW to do something in Act!, but whether or not you SHOULD do it.
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Act! Feature of the Month: Global Toolbar Customization

The latest version of Act! allows you to customize the global toolbar to improve your productivity and make Act! fit the way you work.

NOTE: Before changing any default toolbars or menus, think carefully about what you are trying to achieve. Altering existing toolbars or menus could make it difficult to perform tasks and follow instructions in the Help, guides, and Featured videos, as they refer to a standard configuration.

The global toolbar cannot be relocated or undocked from its location. However, you can:
  • Modify the global toolbar by adding or rearranging buttons.
  • Remove buttons that you rarely use.
  • Create custom commands and add them to the global toolbar.

Act! Add-Ons to Import, Export or Update Data
Did you know that we sell and support powerful tools that allow you to import into Act! or export from Act! in ways the software doesn’t usually allow? These tools allow you to do things like:
  • Import into history
  • Import into opportunities
  • Run imports on a scheduled basis
  • Run complicated imports and exports
  • Repair damaged Act! databases by copying good datafrom one Act! database to another
  • Convert a salesforce.com database backup into an Act! database.
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Current Sales
There are often advertised and un-advertised specials on Act! Software, Support and Maintenance. Please contact us if you’re interested in purchasing or upgrading. We’re always glad to give you the best price available.
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