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The # 1 Plastic Leak Alarm Detection System

Plastixs is the exclusive distributor of Airtect in the United States.  We were very pleased with the amount of interest we received at the show and all the continued interest we are receiving now . . . Download the Airtect brochure here or check it out online by clicking here
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High Temp. Industrial Water Hose . . .
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Do you run over 200°F?

Are elevated temperatures causing more complex challenges?

Is hose failure causing low productivity?

Do you want to avoid costly spills and reduce the risk of injury?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then Plastixs has the solution for you!
  • Ideal for high temperature water lines for molds up to + 284°F (+140°C), 215 PSI
  • Flexible EPDM cover with synthetic yarn reinforcement resists abrasion and heat
  • Available in 3/8",1/2" & 3/4" sizes, Blue, red or black
  • In stock for fast delivery.
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Representing the Full Line of Morris Coupling Products . . .
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  • Compression Couplings
  • Compression Couplings with SS Gasket Protectors
  • Morris Gripper™ Couplers
  • Tubing, Pipe and Bends

Installation Time Savings - Reduce Maintenance Downtime - Secure Connections
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These robust receptacles, plugs, inserts, hoods, bases and housings are the choice quick connect and disconnect technology for all power and control connector circuits where performance, security, reliability and durability are key requirements.

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On behalf of the entire Plastixs team, we would like to thank all the individuals who took the time out of their busy show schedules to visit us at booth #S36053.

At Plastixs, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing, expert technical assistance and solutions that help increase productivity.  Contributing to our customers success is our number one priority.

We look forward to servicing you in the near furture . . .


Mickey Blyskal, President/CEO

Made it's Official Debut at NPE . . . and what a strong debut it was!
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Linked X Valve is a valve linkage system manufactured by Plastixs, LLC.  The Linked X Valve allows a single lever to operate both mold cooling supply and return lines simultaneously.  It can be installed onto standard manifolds and brass ball valves giving the manifolds reduced foot print and increased efficiency.  Currently available for use on both 1" and 1"-1/2" SMARTFLOW® aluminum manifolds and Plastixs 1" and 1" and 1-1/2" compact stainless steel manifolds.


Operators can actuate supply and return valves from a single side of the manifold assembly.  This allows the manifold assembly to be mounted with a small foot print.  This is important for keeping the manifold near the mold for best efficiency.  On large cooling manifold installations, it can ensure the set-up person is shutting off the back row of valves that are often blocked by hoses, therefore preventing spills and lost production time.

Faster mold changes with fewer chances of error or downtime.  They can help standardization of cooling hose set-ups and ensure both supply and return valves are open.  Prevention of accidental spills by blocking set-up personnel's access to the quick connect coupler when the valves are opened, giving a visual indication to close the valves before coupler removal.

Be one of the first to have a copy of the brochure, by downloading it here . . .

More information on Manifold Assemblies with Linked X Valve control can be found below

Designed and Built to Your Specifications . . . Fully Integrated to Fit your Application

Download the new/full "Custom Manifold Assemblies" brochure here
Download the new "Stainless Steel Compact Manifold Assemblies" cut sheet here
Download the new "Aluminum Manifold Assemblies w/Linked X Valve" cut sheet
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Food Grade, High Temperature/High Wear Industrial Hoses and Accessories for the Plastics Industry . . .

Download our "Industrial Hoses for the Plastics Industry" brochure - Tigerflex® . . . Norres
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