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CHV Group LLC August 2018 Newsletter

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Three Misconceptions when it comes to Selling your Business
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, is often a reason a seller may keep the sale of a business in its own hands. Imagine there are 15 brokers he has talked to and all of them know the fact that if the right opportunity comes up he will sell. Imagine, the time spent by the owners to try to sell, the emotion that goes with it and the uncontrollable amount of people knowing that the Company is for sale? Yes, all of them have signed an NDA, but how much more productive is it for the Seller to simply say, we are not for sale, while ONE experienced Advisor works the background and really sells your Company? That is what an Intermediary does for a living and all you as a Seller must do is choose an advisor. An advisor should be used throughout the process. They will take care of confidentiality, so to ensure that the whole market will not know about the company that you are selling.

, in today’s M&A market with an abundance of strategic and financial buyers, consider that the best values come from 2 sources A) strategic buyers who either want a new technology or buy market, B) a financial Buyer who sees your Business as a model to grow outside of your current footprint. Both of them are premium buyers, and it is unlikely that they will find you but an experienced Advisor will find them for you?

is what a business owners call the fee’s for an Advisor? So payroll for employee is listed on the expense side, but that is only true if the Company makes no money – otherwise it is an investment? Yes, Advisors like to be compensated, but at the same time the chances of you selling and finding a Buyer that offers you a bit extra or the true valuation also increases, beside the time the Owner saves and can put into the Company to make it grow? Read more here.

Learn more about how CHV Group can help you sell you business by contacting us today.
Tax Reform: How Buyers and Sellers can Benefit

Tax reform has been in the news throughout the past couple months. We found the following article very promising for potential buyers and how the tax reform really benefits buys. 

The newly enacted tax act presents asset buyers, both large and small, with a new opportunity to increase post-transaction cash flow via tax savings. This opportunity results from the very generous expansion of an old rule with no prior significant relevance to asset acquisitions: bonus depreciation. Read the full story here.
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US Economy 2018 and Beyond 
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The U.S. economic outlook is healthy according to the key economic indicators. The most critical indicator is the gross domestic product, which measures the nation's production output. The GDP growth rate is expected to remain between the 2 percent to 3 percent ideal range. Unemployment is forecast to continue at the natural rate. There isn't too much inflation or deflation. That's a Goldilocks economy, read full story here.
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