It's early August and sheep hunters are taking to the field in many parts of the world. This newsletter won't have too many pictures, just information on available hunts for 2016. I'll be in and out of the field on sat phone, but will return calls as soon as possible. Lynzy will have email access and can answer many of your questions also. In our last newsletter, I had mentioned providing insight into borrowing a rifle when traveling, but it's too long for this newsletter. Instead, I'll give a few pre-season rifle prep and cleaning tips.
Pre-Season Rifle Prep and Cleaning Tips:

Clean and inspect your rifles thoroughly before heading to the field. I take the action out of the stock and use fine (000) steel wool and gun oil to remove any small surface rust, if present. I then take a cotton patch with gun grease and put a light coat on all non-moving parts of the action, magazine assembly and bottom of the barrel that are covered by the stock. If the action has been cera-coated, this is not as critical. I also clean the action screws and female threads with a Q-tip and grease and the magazine spring, if it is rusty. The grease will help prevent rust during the hunting season. I then degrease and clean the trigger with brake cleaner or a similar gun cleaning aerosol. Once the trigger is clean, you can use lighter fluid to lube it. If your trigger is relatively clean, skip the degreaser and just use lighter fluid; this tip was given to me by Jim Borden: I do not recommend spraying triggers with oil as last season I had a trigger freeze during a hunt. I had to work the bolt and breathe on it several times before it would fire. The temp was about 28 F, but windy. It had been raining the two previous days with a temperature of about 40-50 F, so I was worried about corrosion, not freezing, but in the mountains, weather is unpredictable. It was a valuable lesson, never assume anything; go fully prepared and take no chances with sloppy equipment preparation and maintenance. If your trigger has any creep or a stiff spot in it, take your rifle to a gunsmith, so he can check it for internal corrosion and adjust it to 2.5 - 2.75 lbs.

Next, I remove the bolt and firing pin. Clean them the same as the trigger. Then wipe, not spray, a light coat of oil on the firing pin and the inside of the bolt (I use a cleaning rod with a brush and lightly oiled cotton patch) to prevent rust. If you'll be hunting in sub freezing weather, you can use a dry lube like graphite instead of the oil. Put gun grease on the threads and screw the firing pin back in the bolt. Put the action back in the stock and tighten all screws to the proper tension. Lightly oil the bolt and action to prevent rust and for a smooth bolt throw. Also, use a drop of gun grease or anti-seize paste on the bolt lugs to prevent gaulling. When inserting the bolt into the action, push the bolt forward hard and work it back and forth to coat the metal parts. Finally, check all scope ring screws and make sure they are tight and inspect the rings for cracks. I've seen two aluminum rings break from dropping or falling on a rifle.
Clean the barrel properly with carbon and copper solvent, using a bore guide, brass brush, cleaning jag, a one piece rod and plenty of clean patches. I clean my rifles every 20-30 shots and after every long hunt. Also, clean the chamber and action lug raceways with a chamber swab to remove solvent and grit. If your rifle has a muzzle brake, use Degrease or brake cleaner to clean and dry it or a Q-tip will work in a pinch. When hunting in damp, wet conditions, I prefer a clean barrel or one which has been shot just one or two times, because a dirty barrel is more likely to absorb moisture and corrode which can affect bullet impact and can damage the rifling over time. Two years ago, I started running one patch with bore oil on it after my bore is cleaned and dried. Then follow it with 2-4 dry patches, as the goal is a very slight oil film to prevent rust and to help the first bullet hit on target nearly the same as the 2nd and 3rd shots. This technique was taught to me by Darrell Holland at one of his shooting schools:  After the barrel is cleaned, use a premium electrical tape on the end of your barrel, like scotch super 33+, which will keep out rain and grit. It will stick in cold or damp weather. You can shoot through it as it does not affect bullet impact.

When hunting, I always carry an Otis cleaning cable, brush, patches, extra barrel tape and an individual oiled cloth to maintain and care for the rifle in the field. Also, carry allen and hex head wrenches for all scope, action, and rings. I've seen horses and hunters fall into rivers and we had to clean the barrel and action. Also, if it's raining and snowing often, I will clean my rifle during the hunt. If you fall or drop your rifle during a hunt, shoot it after to check the zero. Bullets are cheap; wounded or missed animals are painful.

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Last Minute Hunt Deals


We had several hunters who are traveling alone or whom had to change their schedules and dates. We have a few openings for Ibex only and combination with Ibex/Marco Polo (Hume Argali). These are some of the best values in mountain hunting, especially the mid Asian Ibex.

Ibex Only:
These are dates and prices for these hunts. Some hunters want a representative Ibex and others want really big ones, so we decided to try this sliding scale. Few hunters shoot bigger than a 44" Ibex as it's difficult to turn down a 40-44" when you've never seen one before. Some of our Ibex areas are very remote and have no Marco Polo in the area. Other areas have both Polo and Ibex. Spiking out is necessary in some areas. In other areas, hunters can day hunt from a heated basecamp.
$6,250 for Ibex up to 44"; $750 trophy fee on 44"+; $1,750 trophy fee on 47"+; $2,750 on 50"+
August 30th - September 9th: one opening. The other hunter is hunting with a bow.          September 19th - 30th: two openings. We have two different areas we can hunt, depending on the hunter's fitness and goals.                                                                                                   September 30th - October 10th: two openings. We have two different areas we can hunt. One has Marco Polo and if desired, we can organize a combo hunt.                                            October 21st - 31st: two openings. This is in a Marco Polo, Ibex combo area with big Ibex also.

Combo Marco Polo/Ibex:
$22,500 for Polo up to 48"; $2,000 trophy fee on 50"+; $4,000 on 52"+; $6,000 on 54"+.
Ibex is an additional $4,000 up to 42"; $5,000 if over 42".
October 21st - October 31st: two openings; two clients had conflicting dates with another hunt and we moved them to November. This is one of our best dates, especially for hunters who don't like winter hunting conditions.
November 9th - 18th: one opening. We had a hunter who moved his hunt to January. We have a Canadian guide available for a small additional fee. This is one of our prime rut hunts.
November 18th - 28th: one or two openings. Peak rut. Winter conditions. We have a Canadian guide available.
January 2017. We can accommodate 2 hunters. Either combo or Ibex only.
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Marco Polo/Ibex combos.
These hunts are done with only 2-3 hunters every 15 days; a very personalized service. Each hunter has an interpreter, driver and two local guides. Hunting is done by foot and jeep. We don't chase animals with jeeps and hunters aren't asked to shoot small animals.
September 17th - October 1st: one opening. $42,500 includes Ibex and Polo or $39,500 Polo only. $7,500 trophy fee on ram over 60" or 218 SCI points. This hunt requires a fit, experienced hunter.
October 3rd - 17th: one opening. $39,500 Polo only. $42,500 combo. Lots of sheep in this area.; some spiking out, but not as difficult as September 17th hunt. Big Ibex in this area also, but requires a good hiker.
Late November/early December: two openings. Prime rut. $43,500 for combo. $40,500 for Polo only. $7,500 for 60" or 218 SCI score rams. Two of our hunters had to move their hunt to January due to one of them drawing a NV desert sheep hunt.

Some people call this the Bukaran and others, the Afghan Urial. It's a beautiful sheep and the trophy quality is high. This is our second season hunting this species here. We have two permits available; November 28th - December 8th are the approximate dates. $34,500. The hunt can be extended 5 days and Ibex added for $6,000. Wild boar and partridge hunting can also be added.

Bukaron Markhor:
Tajikistan has a population of 1000+ Markhor and they are issuing approximately 6+ permits to several outfitters which we've worked with in the past. There are 2 permits available. Most hunts take place between October 15th and February 15th. Call for pricing and details.

Mid-Asian Ibex:
These are the same species of Ibex we hunt in Kyrgyzstan. Sizes are from 38-47". It's a foot hunt with donkeys or horses carrying camp and equipment. The hunting area is only 3-4 hours from Dushanbe so hunters who need a shorter trip should consider this. Wild boar or partridge hunting can be added. Price is $6,500. We have two openings and hunts can start December 10th or 12th.

My main partner in Tajikistan, which I have worked with since 2010, is also in the construction supply industry. A big university is being built over the next 2 years in his hometown. He asked me if I knew of any hunters interested in giving him a 1.5 year loan, which he'll pay back in full. For interest,he will provide hunts: Marco Polo/Ibex or part of a Markhor hunt. I trust him fully and know he'll honor his agreement.


There are two species of Ibex in Mongolia: Altai and Gobi. Seasons run from July 1st -October 15th. Our partners have several permits of each species available in September and early October. Prices are reduced $2,000 for a single species hunt and $4,500 for a combo hunt (price has been lowered from $21,500 to $17,000). Prices include 2 nights lodging and flight to the Altai area.

Our partner has 1 Gobi Argali permit available for September 2016. We are offering Altai, Hungai and Gobi Argali permits for 2017. Call for pricing and availability.


I spent a week in Turkey, arriving 19 hours after the coup attempt. The airport in Istanbul was quite busy, and for most people, business was as usual. Many of our clients express concern about traveling here, but I do not worry about it. Our partners here are very established and reliable. They would not book clients if they felt they were in danger. Clients hunting here don't need to leave the Istanbul airport. They check their bags directly to Adana or another smaller city where they are met by a company representative. Our partners offer all of the species in Turkey: Bezoar Ibex, hybrid Ibex, Konya Sheep, Anatolian Stag, Anatolian Chamois, and wild Boar.

Bezoar Ibex:
During the 2015/2016 seasons, we sent 8 clients to Turkey. All Ibex were 44-53" with a 49" average. Almost all of the hunters shot a wild Boar also. Most of the Bezoar Ibex hunts cost: $20,500, $27,500 or $32,500, depending on the area, pre-scouting and average trophy size. But for 2017 and 2018, we are offering the following hunts for fit hunters who want an affordable hunt. There are no size restrictions but we expect 38-45" animals. 100% success. January thru March dates:
$14,500: 2 hunters, 1 guide, no scouting
$16,500: 2 hunters, 2 guides, no scouting
$18,500: 2 hunters, 2-3 guides, pre-hunt scouting.

Nepal and Pakistan:

Blue Sheep:
We have great partners in both of these countries and are starting to send hunters. I'll be going in the spring with a client and can take another hunter on this date. We also offer fall hunts. Blue Sheep only are in the mid $20,000 range and a Tahr can be added in Nepal or a Himalayan Ibex in Pakistan. The combo prices are in the mid $30,000 range. One of our partners in Nepal is offering an October 2016 Blue Sheep only hunt for a discounted price. Call for details.


Spanish Ibex:
Last year we sent several hunters to Spain, for representative bronze, silver and gold medal sized animals. We offer hunts for all 4 of the Ibex species. I feel the Becite and the southeastern varieties are the best values and recommend hunting these two species first. On your next trip to Spain, hunt the Gredos and Rhonda. Mouflon, Boars or Stag can often be added on any of the Ibex hunts. For hunters wanting a faster, less stressful mountain hunt they should consider Spain. Not all hunts are easy. We can match our clients with the best areas for their goals. One of our partners has a couple huge Becites he'd sell for a very good price. He sent me a few scouting pictures which are quite impressive. Call for details.


This country has some great hunts for Bear, Moose, Sheep, Tur, and Ibex. These hunts are booked for this fall, but we are booking 2017 hunts now before the shows in order to get the best dates and areas. Russian hunting is cheaper than Alaska and Canada now. If you go prepared and book the right hunt, these hunts are excellent.


Azerbaijan Tur:
The Dagestan (Eastern) Tur is one of the best valued international sheep or goat hunts, second to only a mid Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. My favorite time to hunt here, is mid August thru mid October due to the great skins, but many hunters prefer the less difficult, May thru early July hunts, however, skins are typically not great during this time. Hunt prices range from $7,500-10,500 depending on group size and area hunted. We can organize hunts in all three of the main areas.


This country has some of the best valued and biggest free range Stag, Roe Deer and Chamois hunting in Eastern Europe. It has the largest population of European Brown Bear (Grizzly) that are hunted over bait. Also, there is great hunting for Fallow Deer and Boar. It's a great destination for hunters wanting something new and not expensive. Also, for hunters wanting to hunt another country after hunting Tur or Ibex, it's only a 1.5 hr flight from Istanbul. Our partners have a great Stag concession this fall and next. Prices are under $7,500 with no size restrictions. I've been to Romania a couple of times in the last year and can highly recommend our partners. As with all the hunts we represent, clients are welcome to talk directly with our partners.


I sold my shares in the Alberta Bighorn area due to it conflicting with my Asian hunts and a few personal hunts I like to do each September and early October. My old partner still owns the area and I know the head guide well. They have one Bighorn hunt open still. Price is $20,000 plus a $7,500 trophy fee. Hunt can start after September 15th. Call Nate at: +1-250-420-7886 or Brett at +1-403-317-4500 or +1-403-308-1514. It's great value and they will work hard for you.

A friend of mine is hunting in the old area I leased for many years. Their hunting partner had to cancel due to work. The hunt date is September 28th to October 9th. It's perfect for trophy Moose or a Moose/Caribou or Moose/Goat combo hunt. Price is $12,900 for Moose, which includes licenses and tags. Caribou or Goat are on a trophy fee basis. Air charter and tax is extra. Call Ron at: +1-250-277-6965.

The BC outfitter who borders my old AB Bighorn area has a 2x2 trophy Moose hunt available September 24th - October 1st. Price is normally $9,500. The guides who will guide this hunt worked for me in my old area in BC and are expert moose hunters. The moose average over 50" and there are no air charter fees. Hunting is in a vehicle closure area. Calling and walking are the hunt methods and quads are used to only access the area. If hunters drive and bring at least 1 quad, price is $7,500 USD. If hunters fly to Grande Prairie, Alberta, price is $8,000 USD. Prices include taxes. License and tags are additional.


Exploratory Grizzly/Caribou:
I've hunted with this guide and outfitter several times. They have a new concession in the Brooks range and need 2 tough hunters. The area also has sheep and they have a supercub to move hunters and guides. I recommend this operation for hunters wanting a true backpack hunt in wild country. Call and we'll provide a phone number and email as they are guiding sheep right now.


My specialty is mountain hunting, but I have experience in Africa and much of the world. I work with several clients who hire me to plan and find them the best hunts around the world. Because they pay me an annual fee to do this, I can work with outfitters who don't use normal booking agencies and I can also work with agents who have access to special hunts. It's a win win, value added service which is unique in the business. These clients have access to me, anytime, for any hunting, equipment or travel questions. I dedicated much of my life to hunting since I was a teenager and have a very wide reaching knowledge and experience base, which few others possess, not to mention my connections in the industry. Give me a call and let's chat.

Good hunting,

Bryan Martin

Asian & Canadian Mountain Outfitters

(250) 317-5525 (cell/wk)
(604) 648-9412 (fax)
(250) 870-3021 (Lynzy)

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