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March 26, 2020

Request to Area Business Leaders
from the Green County
Emergency Management Operations

This is certainly a time of change and uncertainty for all of us. In an effort to accelerate the journey back to a normal lifestyle without risking the health of our fellow citizens, we encourage you to help us spread the facts about COVID-19, along with up-to-date information about local and statewide steps to help control the spread. We encourage everyone to use the two sites below for the most current and accurate information for Green County:
Both are concise and contain links to the CDC, as well as state and local authorities and news.

Please help us fight misinformation and fear. Can we count on you to share the links to these webpages on your business’ website and social media pages? We also ask that you consider sharing with your staff and ask them to share on their personal social media accounts.

People are looking for ways to be helpful in this pandemic. Here are two of the best ways:

1) Stay home.
2) Stay informed.

Thanks in advance for your participation. Be well.

Mike Sanders
Public Information Officer
Green County Emergency Operations Center

RoAnn Warden
Green County Health Department

Jane Curran-Meuli
Monroe Clinic
Green County Development Corporation is continually compiling links to
websites with information specifically aimed at helping businesses
navigate COVID-19's impact.

Click here for those additional links.

Green County Development is a 501c3 non-profit organization building the economic future of Green County Wisconsin's communities and businesses through public-private partnerships.
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