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Time Is Running Out!
Attn: Act! Pro v16, Premium v16 and Premium v17 Users

You are eligible to save up to 25% when you upgrade to Act! Pro v18 or renew into an Act! Premium subscription. In addition to the latest version of Act! Premium, subscriptions include access to expert technical support and training resources, AND the next version of Act! when it's released—at no additional cost.

Hurry! Your special pricing will only be available until September 30, 2016. Also, by the end of this year,  Act! v16 will no longer be supported by Swiftpage (KSC support will continue to be available for all versions of Act!).

What Is Emarketing Anyway?
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Act! Emarketing has come up here at KSC a lot this year – from this month’s webinar, to featuring it in our newsletter, to discussing the Emarketing enhancements available in the latest version of Act!. But some of you may be wondering “What the heck is e-marketing anyway, and why should I care about it?”

E-marketing is any marketing done online or digitally, but when we talk about Act! Emarketing, we’re specifically referring to e-mail marketing. Do you email your contacts about any of the following?
  • Company news
  • Industry news
  • Promotions, discounts and sales
  • New or improved products and services
  • Insider information (how to’s, FAQ’s, etc.)
  • Birthday, anniversary or holiday greetings
Then you’re already doing e-mail marketing! But if you’re still sending all your e-marketing messages using your regular day-to-day email client, you’re missing out on some great ways to improve your marketing efficiency and success.

Using a program like Act! Emarketing offers a number of benefits over your regular e-mail client when it comes to e-mail marketing:
Act! Feature of the Month: Act! Scheduler
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The Act! Scheduler allows you to schedule automated tasks that will run without you even needing to have Act! open. As long as the Act! Scheduler is running and your computer is on, these tasks will run.

The tasks that the Act! Scheduler is capable of running are:
  • Database backup
  • Database maintenance
  • Remote database synchronization (from the remote workstation)
You can access the Act! Scheduler in Act! by clicking Tools > Act! Scheduler. Alternatively, you can also access it without opening Act! from the Act! Program folder located in the start menu.

Features of Act! Scheduler:
  • You can temporarily stop the service to prevent scheduled tasks from running and start it again after it’s been stopped.
  • The Act! Scheduler can send you e-mail alerts to notify you when a task has run.
  • You can use the Act! Scheduler Task Log to view a log of scheduled tasks and their result. This is useful for troubleshooting tasks in the event that you suspect that something may have interfered with their ability to run.
  • You can view details on scheduled tasks.
Do you need help learning to use Act! Scheduler?
FAQ: Can I Reassign Activities From One User To Another In Bulk?
Yes you can! Maybe you’ve had an employee quit and you’d like to reassign their uncompleted activities to their replacement or perhaps an employee will be on a leave of absence and you’d like to assign their current activities to someone else in the interim. No problem – just follow the procedure below (we highly recommend backing up your Act! database before you begin).
  1. Login to Act! as the user you wish to reassign the activities to.
  2. Click Task List in the left hand navigation menu and filter the task list to the activities you wish to reassign to the new user. You can filter by the time the activity is due (past, future, today etc.), activity type, activity priority, and by which user the task is assigned to.
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If your company plans on purchasing a new server or new computers, please let us know prior to doing so. We will need to verify the system requirements to ensure Act! compatibility.
Remember to visit our online store to prepay for your Act! technical support, installation/setup, training and general consulting today. And even better, prepay for 2 or more hours of support or purchase one of our support plans and save money as well as time!