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January 2019 Newsletter
Market Comments
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2018 was a tough year for the stock market. We had not one but two corrections during the year. The market recovered from the February 10% correction but then experienced a second bigger correction that began on October 3rd. Volatility still remains very high.
The economy remains very strong, employment is high and profits are high. There are however reasons for the poor investor sentiment. Put in a nutshell, the economy is weakening overseas, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and the tariff wars with China are troublesome. A resolution of some these concerns would help the market get back into rally mode.

As the markets declined I began reducing our exposure to the stock market and began reinvested in short term US Treasuries. These moves have help protect accounts from large declines. The markets remain bearish at the moment so I will continue to be very defensive until the markets begin to stabilize.

Since the economy is still very strong the bull market should resume later in 2019.

GWM Succession Planning

The State of Oregon now requires that investment advisory firms have a succession plan in place.  In compliance with the regulations I have put in place a succession plan for Gerritz Wealth Management, Inc..  I have a succession plan agreement with Glenn Parker, a veteran Investment Advisor. He would be available to take over the management of GWM clients in the event of my death or major disability. Glenn is a long time advisor that runs his practice in a way very similar to GWM.  Should I ever be unable to service my clientele, Glenn would call you and ask you if his firm could continue the management of your  accounts.
A copy of the S.E.C. Form ADV Part II is available upon request.